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January 16, 2012
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Mia Farrow by Dollface1994 Mia Farrow by Dollface1994
A3 portrait, made with HB and 6B pencils
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nagahakim Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All your portraits are so alive!
als3 Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so very impressive!
iamEdi Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GOODNESS! *speechless* ♥
I can't handle this amount of awesomeness you have :D
yeah it helped me alot :-P , i am so sorry if i'm asking you all these things but i am a noob(as you can see in my gallery ahahahah XD) and I would really like to improve to reach your results...i would like to ask you just on thing more, i've read really thousands of tutorial on how to do a photorealistic portrait but each one  is showing a different method , and , the most important thing  , they use different pencils...I see that alot of users use Mechanical pencils to achive best results and  electric ereaser... but i am really confused right now about the process and the tools to use ... could you tell me your steps and how you use your pencils , how and when you blend etc... thank you for your time :-)
well, i don't have a single idea about electric eraser and i don't think it's necessary to have one. i often use mechanical pencil (lead 0,5 mm) for very small details and very soft shadows, but mostly i use 8B and HB. i make rough sketches ( i'm too lazy for proper sketches) with HB, then draw with HB and blend, again draw with HB and blend and so on, until all soft shadows are complete. then i draw with 8B on darker shadows (it's like layers - HB is under 8B), then highlight with an eraser... those are the major steps :) there's a different story with drawing hair - i have a very stupid technique for drawing hair, but i think it works almost perfectly. i think you should experiment a lot and try to find your own technique, because i don't know... i never used tutorials and i never asked any questions from any artists - but i tried to achieve the same (or even better) results without using crazy tools like electric eraser. if you are worried about the tools - mine are quite trivial, koh-i-noor pencils and eraser + cotton :)
i am amazed about how kind you are, thank you very much , i think that this will be very helpful for other users too
ps:so I am on the good way , because i completely draw all by myself without tutorials, and , as you can see , tutorials drive only me crazy with all these different methods and stuff, i would like to hava your opinion on my drawing that i have in my gallery (of katy parry) :-) and if you have facebook you can send me a PM so we can became friends ^^ , see you soon , and sorry for my english
that's ok, english is not my native language)) sorry, i don't have a facebook account (we here have another social network, although a lot of people asked me for my fb, so i think i should create one someday). can we communicate here on DA? :) i'll try to write proper critique of your katy perry drawing :)
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