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Back to blurry stuff... That's a still from a French film called "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud". I haven't watched it yet. Maybe I will, because I really like French new wave. A3, mostly HB and 2B, that's why it's so misty (actually it's not supposed to be that misty, but I like how it looks)
I'm about to graduate, and I finally have time to draw something that I find captivating, so this is an attempt at Dafne Keen from Logan (who is so captivating it's insane). This one was very quick, I left the sketchiness in some areas because I think it suits her fine. I also tried to give it some Mona Lisa vibes, especially on eyes. It went rather far from the original reference, I guess, - but again, this is more about vibe than likeness. There will be Laura 2 some time later (not this one). A4, made with three pencils and a light blue paper napkin that blends better than anything else I ever tried.
The bloatface guy from Watchmen. Recently I've been really into Watchmen, I've just finished reading it yesterday (and before that I've been seeing Rorschach on hundreds of userpics having no idea who's that). Rorschach is kind of this very cliche noir detective type, but at the same time he's weird and unconventional, and everything about him is restrained yet very emotional. I like such characters, and I like noir, so here it is... although for me it's a very strange thing to draw.
This was intended as a more cinematic version of this… And it just needed rain, so I added rain. I think it's the first time I've ever drawn rain, and I think it looks more like sleet (and Rorschach's best moments were in the rain and in the snow, so sleet is just fine). The weather here right now is just like that.
It's mostly 2B on A4 (I still can't get used to A4 - when I finish the drawing before I start hating it)
Replicant 2
One more Rachael from Bladerunner (the blurry one from about a year ago). I cut the part with the table on the left because I couldn't make sense of all the glass stuff that was on the picture and thus I couldn't finish it properly. But I guess that may be enough. It's sort of a sequel to my "Lounge bar", I really like this kind of pictures. That's mostly H and 2B on A3.
Rachael from Bladerunner. That's my 5th take on her. There are several others, more pensive and more blurry than this one, maybe more interesting than this one (that's just "femme fatale emotionless Rachael", and there are also "almost human Rachael with wild hair" and "scared Rachael in a coat" and so on), but only this one is finished. I accidentally bought a pack of A4's, so it's relatively small. I think I'll cut the unfinished part and post the blurry one too, because there are maybe too many unpublished drawings which I actually like and maybe someone else is going to like them too (and why else would I be here on DA? :))


No journal entries yet.


self-taught artist, procrastinator and student of foreign languages department.



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You have a great gallery of portraits, Valerie! Kudos!
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thank you so very much! And I really do like your style as well :)
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Wonderful portraits, Valerie!

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